Candidate for the position of Part-time Officer - Social Sciences

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Marie-France NGUO

Together, We Are Powerful

I am Marie-France Nguo, 3rd Year student studying International Relations with Peace and Conflicts. As you all know I am running for sabbatical Officer for the School and Social Sciences and Social professions in student Union Election. I am a friendly and approachable person with the passion and commitment to take our University forward.


From the previous year, I have experiences sitting on some student union positions such as Vice-President of Student Council, Amnesty Society president for the last 3 years, STAR, member of student council and more.

Also I have experience working as Human Rights activist with NGOs outside the University for example Amnesty International where I am a Country Coordinator for the West and Central Africa and a School Speaker. I am chair and founder of another Charity/NGO that empower Refugees and Migrants as well as create opportunity for overseas volunteering.

Once elected, my current experience will benefit students from my University to tackle financial challenges that many of us go through on our journey as Students. I will constantly work in partnership with our Finance department so that no more student can be broke and unable to pay for their accommodation, transport and so on. Money management advise and support will be my priority. As I am able to secure the funding of a small charity, I believe that students who go through financial difficulties should receive assistance based to their circumstances.

As an activist, together with all of you, we will lobby our School of Social Sciences and Social profession to review the mitigation system as many of us have been victim of time for essays submission.

I confirm again that I will be a suitable candidate. I promise to work hard to be the effective sabbatical officer that you would be proud of in the school / University. I will try to uphold and obey all the rules and become the role model that you can all look up to. I will assist teachers and students in any way possible to the best of my abilities. I strongly believe that I’m respectful and trustworthy and I also believe that all these qualities are very important in a Sabbatical’s life.


I am a respectful but also fun loving colleague, mum and friend. I am the right person who can represent the University and its core values; integrity, excellence, service, collaboration and teamwork and effective citizenship. 

I am an excellent listener to others and don’t have time to judge someone about who they are or what they do. I listen to the team, the peers, and the competitors as it is the best way to understand a situation to make the best decision possible.