Candidate for the position of Full-time Officer - Guildhall School of Business and Law & Human Sciences

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Nakole Iddirisu

Be that change for students

Nakole Iddirisu for Full-time Officer for Business and Law Schools and the School of Human Sciences

As an elected Student Officer from Business and Law School, I have worked on various initiatives that have shaped the student's experience at London Met.

This year I have:

  • Introduced FREE tea, coffee and biscuit service at the Hub for all students at the Business School which was a success and has helped to create a better and a more relaxed environment for students.
  • Worked on a report on reducing graduation ceremony costs, where I outlined costs and usage for the university's consideration with supporting evidence from what the students are saying and what matters to them.
  • Created a better student union presence at the Business School with my team through keeping the student union door open, visited you guys in the lecture rooms, and put on movie night events and social engagement at the Hub.
  • I organised a week long valentine's event for the school where students got to enjoy a decorated/ themed hub with free chocolates, valentine cards, roses and good music which sparked good conversation. 
  • Encouraged students to partake in what the student union has to offer such as joining/creating societies, becoming student reps, joining sports teams and to do more than just your degree this year.

What I am going to work on:

I look to implement what I have done this year and take it a step further. Some additional initiatives that I am going to work on include:

  • Ensuring that all of you students from the Business and Law school have a smooth transition to the Holloway campus and to ensure that your needs are met while you settle down into a new campus.
  • I will continue to work on your supported campaigns: Reducing graduation ceremony prices, bringing back assignment extensions for students with learning difficulties, and 24-hour library services.
  • I am going to support international students, to ensure that you are inclusive in the integration at London Met and will offer as much support as possible during your time at university.
  • As a 3rd year (LVL6) student, once you graduate and become alumni, you won’t be able to borrow books from the library or use any printing facilities. As a Full-time officer, I am going to work on changing this so that you can.
  • I am going to continue to support Student Reps and Part-time Officers, by standing by any impact they wish to make to improve students experience at London Met.