Candidate for the position of NUS Conference Delegates 2019



Who are you choosing?

A person who believes that education is key for our development because that will determine our future and will help us to achieve our dreams. For this reason, we should all be working together to create the environment needed to make that to happen.

I also believe that we all here for a reason, to progress and become better humans beings. Therefore, this should not be taken away due to our different circumstances. For that reason, all the efforts need to be focused on everybody capability of developing themselves and become supermen and superwomen (and supper other genders) despite, you are a parent, international student, suffer any disability, you are from a minor ethnic group or just like pizza with pineapple.

Right candidate? Definitely !!!

That’s why…

  • I believe we are the change that we are seeking. Therefore, by giving our voice about what constraints or concern us, as well as, what we would like to be different in our lives, the life of people we love and the future generations lives, will be starting to make of this world a better place.
  • My degree in psychology and sociology reflect my interest and concern about society and humans in general. Also, give me a global understanding of different social groups’ needs and different circumstances, making me capable to include those issues in the lobby of policymakers.
  • I have experience in being a delegate, especially for the Model United Nations during the international conference that took place in London this 2019 (LIMUN). In which Have a similar procedure as the delegates of NUS have, therefore I have a better understanding of it.

What will I do?

I will be lobbying...

  1. For an accessible  Higher Education for everyone. 
  2.  For Adequate training to the staff within student unions, so that, appropriate procedures can be followed when cases of harassment arise.
  3.  For the production of surveys for students to provide feedback that shows each universities level of LGBT+ friendliness, safety and satisfaction.
  4. For a national increased NHS funding, and ringfenced mental health funding from within the NHS
  5.  To fight for affordable housing
  6. For Interfaith activities on campus, which will promote education and understanding of different religions and their practices. This can foster greater degrees of tolerance and sustained acceptance of minority communities through encouraging celebrations of religious and cultural diversity
  7.  For environmental friendly activities.
  8.  For NUS UK to lobby for post-study visa opportunity to be provided for all international students equally across the UK and not just focusing on students in only world-leading institutions.
  9.  For NUS UK to lobby UK Universities to support international students who are elected sabbatical/full-time officers deal with Visa and Immigration issues, including the payment of visa fees, This will give equal opportunity for international students when elected.
  10. For the Welfare Zone to collaborate with the Women’s Campaign and the Parents and Carers Rep to lobby the government to change its childcare policies to include student parents.