Candidate for the position of Black and Minority Ethnic Students Officer




Hi, I am Cynthia Edo, I am a second year BS Youth Studies who's looking to be the first BAME officer. I am currently the President of African Caribbean Society who is already actively working for ethnic minorities and am aware of the issues that are faced by some BAME students but want to know concerns faced by all BAME students. From this role, being a success coach and working directly with SU sabbatical officers, I have been able to develop both my leadership and effective communication skills which I believe will be of great benefit within the role of BAME officer. I feel my experience and skills puts me in a position that will allow me to make changes that are not only impactful but lasting. 


Goals I look to address:


  1. Address the attainment gap 

BAME students are less likely to achieve high grades than white counterparts. I feel action needs to focus on institutional barriers and inequalities, rather than 'improving' or 'fixing' the student. I look to do this by showcasing achievements of BAME graduates who have faced barriers we are all currently facing but overcame them. As well as having BAME mentors from different industries who will mentor us (students) whilst showing us what the great possibilities of achieving the best grade look like in the ‘real’ world. 


2. More events educating about race 

Ensuring regular events are held (between the different campuses) that empower and encourage BAME students’ success, as well as talks of educating people on the issues in education, workplace and other capacities faced by people of colour. Because events like this shouldn't be only be held on ‘Black history month’ as we face these issues every single month!


3. Drop-in sessions/ suggestion box

I look to host monthly sessions open to all BAME students to voice any issues they want addressed directly to me. However, for those who would like to stay anonymous, a suggestion box will be placed across all campus providing the space to voice your concern while your privacy is still being respected. 


Just because we are addressed as minorities doesn't mean we need to be overlooked. Vote for me and watch me make OUR interest, EVERYONE’S interest!