Candidate for the position of Part-time Officer - Guildhall School of Business and Law



Be bright, vote on me!

Who I am ?

Hi, my name is Melany and I am studying Aviation Management. I like to see all students happy and satisfied, engaged with others and with the university in overall. So  I saw the chance of committing for this to happen: become a Part-time-officer at GSBL. 

Why me for this position?!

  • I am the right candidate for this position because I am a very easy going person, very friendly and always willing to help and support others around the University.
  •  I am the treasurer for the Aviation Society and being actively working to get more students engaged in the Student Union overall
  • I love to work with fellow students, so much so that I have been supporting the current full time officer Nakole in the campus (Moorgate), organising events (like teas and coffees and Valentines themed week) and making sure they run smoothly.
  • I've been supporting the Societies Manager with the societies, ensuring that all societies at London Met have the support that they need to carry activities.

Why I care about YOU?

  • I believe that the University is not only a place for lectures and seminars but ALSO for you to have a great, enjoyable and memorable time, if you engage and take part in activities and opportunities that I want to make sure the Student Union has to offer YOU.
  • I am looking forward to be elected as a Part-time-officer and use the influence that I will have and ensure that YOU are happy, satisfied, engaged in societies, activities and sports.
  • Also, to help and support you as a member of this community where I will work tirelessly towards improving your experience at the University.


My vision

Work together with the Student Union focusing on the interest of the students, make sure that your voice is heard and ensure that the student union's services are relevant.

                                               "The current Full Time Officer Nakole at the campus has encouraged me to run for this position"


Melany Moniz

                                                                                                                                          "A brighter tomorrow for London Met's students"