Candidate for the position of Black and Minority Ethnic Students Officer



To Progress, Grow and Attain

Creating a space where everyone regardless of ethnicity, religion and disability is one favoured in a metropolitan. Creating an environment where people can freely feel they can work and study is the best way the nature people who will potentially create a positive impact in our society. 

However, not everyone is aware and there’s a lot to be done. I hope to be the voice of those who are shy to speak and make bolder of those who can. 

Challenging current systems and making it better for those who currently work and study in it will create a better experience. What worked before may not work again. 

I hope my dedication and organisation skills can help us as a team achieve this. I hope to be an example for those in hardship; to show them it does not have to stop you achieving what you want.

In London 1 in 10 students drop out during their first year and of those from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely. Although many students go to university and lot of university find it hard to keep them in. The government widening access programme are targeting disadvantaged groups to decrease this. I was part of that 10%. Now I’m pushing to break barriers.

As a self-determined black woman, with an invisible disability who has overcome homelessness, depression and trauma. I hope my knowledge and experience can aid my work with the other officers.