Candidate for the position of Full-time Officer - Social Sciences and Social Professions

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Make your Vote Count.

Dear students,

My name is Asif Hanif, and I am standing for the posts of:

  1. Full-time officer for the School of Social Sciences.
  2. Disabled Students Officer.
  3. NUS Conference Delegates 2019.

I am studying International Relations in London Met, in my second year. Student Union is a democratic organisation and registered charity independent of the University. Student Union represents students’ views to the university through elected representatives. Elections of SU are very important as they represent the students to voice their concerns to the Board of Trustees, university management and professional staff.

I’d like you to consider me as a candidate in the upcoming elections, running between 19th March and 26th March 2019. Your choice will shape your University and your school accordingly.

I stand for the following principles:

  1. I will work to ensure that students and the staff are in an environment in which they can maximize their potentials and thrive.
  2. I will work to ensure activities based on education provide students with an opportunity to enhance their confidence.
  3. Our academic and administrative staff are highly skilled: the only need is to tune this according to the level of students and make learning an interesting, fun and inclusive process.
  4. We are one London Met family, I will work for the progressive and cooperative bond between Management, Academics, Student Union and Students to achieve our goal to ensure success for all to progress in life.
  5. I will make sure that Mature Students and Students with Families are part of all relevant consultations, and that their concerns will be given due attention.
  6. I want to ensure that the college establishes connections with relevant institutions and potential employers so that our students can gain experience, right from the beginning in their free time, so that along with education they gained the relative experience to apply their knowledge learned in the university.
  7. I will lobby for a “Social Sciences Festival” to be included in university events list to celebrate
  8. Arts, Culture, Food, Fashion and Music of the diverse student community at London Met.

  9. I will work along with the students to identify the issues that need urgent attention to resolve in order to ensure success.
  10. I will ensure that London Met will be a Model University when it comes to accessibility and adaptability.
  11. Every effort will be made together to uplift the moral of all the students; as motivation and dedication is the driving force to success.
  12. My past involvement in SU:

  1. Member of the Student Council.
  2. Student Representative.
  3. Member of the Disability Forum.
  4. Member of London Met Pool Team.
  5. President of Diplomacy and International Relations Society.

Thanks for taking time and reading my Manifesto: the choice is yours – let’s make the right choice.



Asif Hanif