Candidate for the position of NUS Conference Delegates 2019



Strength and Change with Chrystalle.

My name is Chrystalle Margallo. I’m in my final year of BA Diplomacy and International Relations and would love the opportunity to be London Metropolitan’s Sabbatical Officer for Social Science and Social Professions. I strive for equality and want to create realistic, positive change within the university environment. I am especially passionate about encouraging awareness within the LGBT community and as the current captain of the Women’s Basketball team and support every student’s well-being.

What is our realistic goal? As students, our goal is to succeed and reach our academic targets whilst also balancing our personal lives. University life itself is not easy, and therefore to achieve your goal you need all the help you can get. A study, ‘The Relationship between Happiness and Academic Achievements’ revealed that academic achievement is highly correlated with happiness. Taking this into consideration, my goal is to provide my service as a current (and soon-to-be graduate) student to progress the student satisfaction of London Metropolitan University. With my passion to help, I will always give my 100% and more to provide more realistic, achievable changes for students. Every student deserves to enjoy and succeed in University, with the support of their university alongside them. Help me, help you: get the most you can.


First. Support is the key. Academically, I aim to create an academic support group where students can attend hours dedicated to refreshing and consolidating topic questions. The aim is to engage students in their academic study through increasing their knowledge in a more interactive way of learning. Furthermore, I aim to liaise with the university to improve awareness for graduate jobs and opportunities from when students join the university. Similarly, I hope to also create more of a support for full-time single parent students to assist their attendance.


Second. Student life, this year we had current officers successfully coordinate events such as the Poetry Slam and Boat Party, both of which were popular with the students. In the future, my plan for student social events is to increase the student union’s knowledge of events and caters to the type of events students actually want and create events which improve student integration and thereby strengthen the student community.


Third. My ultimate goal for this role is to use my best attribute, listening, to create a change in student satisfaction and increase happiness within the University. Listening is the key to being the voice, I will listen to each and every one of you, push to make the change that will benefit the quality of life at London Met, and offer students the best experience possible to look back on.


Share your goals with me and I’ll keep you with mine