Candidate for the position of NUS Conference Delegates 2019




Hello, my name is Jévis Lawson and I am a final year Business Management student. I am running for the positions of Full Time Officer (GSBL and Human Sciences) and NUS Conference Delegate. Before moving to London, I served in the U.S. Air Force where I was able to develop both my leadership and communication skills. I am currently a Success Coach and a member of the Student Council as well as VP of the Afro-Caribbean Society. I feel that my combination of skills and experiences will allow me to make worthwhile changes not only for the Schools that I seek to represent, but for all students who attend this University. Here are just a few things I seek to achieve:

  • Smooth Move for GSBL Students

The Guildhall School of Business and Law will be moving to the Holloway Rd. campus upon the start of the September 2019 academic year. If elected, my first task would be to ensure a smooth transition for students. I believe this will help the students of GSBL merge into a much larger body of students at our main campus. The success of this step would also be vital in achieving my next objectives amongst others.

  • Fully integrate GSBL & Human Sciences

My second objective would be to establish rapport between the students of GSBL and Human Sciences. Although the two subject areas are not necessarily intertwined, that does not mean that the students of both schools can’t merge into one and be part of a wider London Met community that supports student interests, holds great events, and promotes inclusion to ensure a worthwhile student experience (for international, mature, parent, disabled students and more).

  • Establish more support for sports and societies

I will also lobby for more support from the SU when it comes to sports and societies. Much progress has been in my time at London Met. Since starting, I’ve seen the SU offer free memberships for societies, free gym memberships for students and increased budgets for societies. This has increased student interaction, but I strongly feel that with the help of other elected officers sports and society events can be improved, specifically in regards to promotion.

  • Seek ways to minimize timetable, admin issues

Having timetable issues is a bad way to start an academic year. However this is a reoccurring problem that many students of London Met experience at the start of each year or term. This has been happening as long as I have been a student of this University and it does not seem to be improving. I feel that this and other types of administrative issues should be addressed and avoided since they can be troubling, especially for international students like myself.

  • Increased Student/Teacher Relations
  • Increased Success Coach Activity

Overall, if elected my ultimate concern would be making sure the student experience is as enjoyable as possible for all students. Vote for me and watch me work for you.