Candidate for the position of Part-time Officer - Guildhall School of Business and Law


Together We Grow Alone Shattered.


Working with the student who need help at any point, no matter what they need why they need.

I will make a team of some students which will help every individual who will need any support.

Make the helpful environment, which is my key point of my election campaign, I want to

Make the helpful environment for everyone.

Why ME!

I am student of LLB (Business Law).

I already hold Bachelor of Commerce, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management and

Master of Business Administration (MBA).

I had worked as a manager in retail customer service.

Been working as Finance Consultant for couple of years.

Worked in UAE, Singapore, Pakistan and currently in UK.

With the Experience I had learned the Key to Success is to help

others to Get all the Achievements you need.

Easy way to success.

Will work on it with it to make sure all will get the success!