Escape room

Calling all new cadets! Join us as you’re rocketed into space for an interactive, team-based virtual escape game!

Wed 07 October 2020 17:00-20:00

Online - link sent via email to ticketholders

Trapped in the night sky it's your job to uncover the truth of Dr Wilder Sr’s mysterious disappearance back in 1989.

Do you have what it takes to solve this decade's old conundrum? Can you decode the brain-melting puzzles before time runs out? Only time will tell…

During this session we'll create teams from everyone who signs up so don't worry if you don't have a team already. Join the Zoom call to be put into a team.

We'll give everyone 15 minutes to arrive before we invite players in from the waiting room and start creating teams. 

Please make sure you arrive on the zoom call within 15 minutes of the event start time. 

When all players are in their teams, we'll provide each group with an access key and instructions to start their game.

Then it's over to you and your team! But we'll be on hand to support as needed.

If you already have a team of 6 you can run your own session whenever you like.

How do I communicate with my team during the game?

We'll put you and your teammates into a breakout room within the original Zoom meeting. You need to stay in the room for the duration of the game so you can chat with the rest of the team and crack the challenges to make your collective escape.

Can I join a game late?

Please do your best to join the Zoom call on time. If you're late, we'll do our best to pair you with a team but we can't guarantee it will be possible.

Can all players control the game at the same time?

Yes, each player controls a cursor within the game. If you get stuck, you can ask for a clue within the game portal.

Can I get support if I need it?

A member of the Native team will host the Zoom call to organise the teams and make sure everyone has access to support. If you have any queries in advance, you can email

Thanks again and we'll see you soon!