Event Description



Join our Club for our regular practise session, and make sure you have your Team London Met membership to participate in our – and all of LMSU’s – Sports Clubs. Giving you access to training, equipment, kit, and professional coaching.

Keeping Safe

All of our training is fully risk assessed, but before you get your membership here’s some ground rules so we can all keep safe:

Make sure to know your limits when training with us and take breaks if needed; if you have any doubts about your skill-level and getting involved, you should reach out to us for a quick confidential discussion. 

We follow rules and regulations of play to keep our players safe - upon joining a Club you must read and understand these regulations. Physical and aggressive behaviour between players, staff, or the public will not be tolerated under any circumstances and could lead to a suspension of your membership.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, please get in touch with LMSU for a confidential discussion about participating fully and safely in our Group and consult participating in our activities with your Doctor. 

Accessibility Requirements

If you have any specific requirements in regard to accessibility, we’re here to help - before you get your membership, reach out to us for a quick discussion about participating fully and any accommodations we