A Celebration of Black Excellence

Faces in the Crowd

Faces in the Crowd highlights the African and Caribbean diasporas that have settled in different parts of the world and have achieved, or are achieving great things. This month is a celebration of the many ways black individuals and communities have contributed to the world, some of which often go overlooked.

This series of events will highlight the work and achievements of black people from different walks of life including sports, music, fashion, politics, education, entrepreneurship, social activists, student politics and many more.



6th Oct Friday 6pm – 2am

BHM Launch Party

The Rocket

Tickets on the Door, Free entry 6 - 8 or with freshers wrist band, last entry 12 Midnight




     Fences (Moorgate)-MG-G12

     9th Oct Monday 5.30pm -7.30pm

     Tickets https://bhmcinemaclub.eventbrite.co.uk


      The 13th (CASS)-TBC

     10th Oct Tuesday 5.30pm -7.30pm

     Tickets https://bhmcinemaclub.eventbrite.co.uk


     Hidden Figures(Holloway)-T6-05

     12th Oct Thursday 5.30pm -7.30pm

     Tickets https://bhmcinemaclub.eventbrite.co.uk



16th Oct Monday 5pm - 7pm

Black Women in Leadership   

#BlackWomenLeaders (Holloway)

Tickets https://blackwomeninleadership.eventbrite.co.uk

Celebrating Black Women in Leadership, guest speakers to include black women who have excelled in different fields.




17th Oct Tuesday 12pm - 2pm

Women of Colour in Fashion and Business (Cass)

Tickets https://wocfashionbusiness.eventbrite.co.uk

Facebook page: Fashion Changed my Life




18th Oct Wednesday 5pm – 8pm

Talent Showcase

The Rocket

Tickets https://reptalentcontest.eventbrite.co.uk

Performers and talent acts sign up here.





20th Oct Friday 12pm - 2pm

Cultural Day

Tickets https://headwrapsdrums.eventbrite.co.uk

Drumming and Head Wrap Workshops (Holloway)




23rd Oct Monday 5pm - 8pm

Black Mental Health. It’s all in your head! (Holloway)

Tickets https://in-your-head.eventbrite.co.uk

Mental health is still a taboo within the Black community to the extent that its existence is often denied. This event is geared to start a conversation and provide knowledge by inviting speakers that can give this topic the attention it needs.



25th Oct Wednesday 5 - 8pm

All Star Cast (Holloway)

Tickets https://allstarcast.eventbrite.co.uk

Black history in the world of sports, music, business, and education.

Theme: A talk about how sports, music and business have been a vehicle for many black people to improve their lives and make positive social impact.




26th Oct Thursday 6 - 7:30pm

No Justice, No Peace (Holloway)

Play by Hillary Malcolm (Michael Knight Theatre Company).

Tickets Click Here





27th Oct Friday 12pm-2pm

Cultural Day: Food markets and stalls (Holloway)

Tickets https://culturedaymarket.eventbrite.co.uk

A special menu for the finale of Black History Month, showcasing African & Caribbean flavours.




BHM Finale Party

The Rocket

Tickets https://bhmfinaleparty.eventbrite.co.uk