Free Printing!

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Students' Union secure free printing for students!

At the start of this term many students experienced severe and unacceptable problems around the enrollment. This was raised with us by many individual students and was a major topic of discussion at the recent Students' Union Student Rep forums (pictured). Students' Union President Tunde Toki told Verve Media:

"The service students received was unacceptable. Students felt completely let down by the enrollment problems and the service they received. I made this clear to the Vice-Chancellor and as a result of my representations, I am pleased to say that in response, the University has granted all students free printing until the end the term. We were also given an assurance that the enrollment problems would not be repeated."

All students have been communicated with and informed that they are now entitled to free printing courtesy of the University! We hope this goes some way to make up for the problems experienced.

Do you have an issue you wish to raise or want to provide feedback to either the University or the Students' Union? Then get in touch via or message us through our social media channels, Twitter or Facebook.