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June Volunteer Spotlight: Chiemela Ndukwe

Every month, we highlight the great work of some of our student volunteers. This month, we spoke to Chiemela Ndukwe, who has shared their experience as a Student Rep at LMSU.

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Course: Software Engineering 
Role: Student Rep. 

Volunteering as a Student Representative for Software Engineering at LMSU has been an enriching and transformative experience for me. I stepped into this role driven by a desire to be the voice of my peers, and it's been a journey that has fostered connections, built trust, and given me a sense of purpose. 

One of the most gratifying aspects of being a student representative is the opportunity to actively listen and advocate for my classmates. Regularly, I would engage them in conversations about their experiences with the coursework and lecturers, and their feedback would be my guide. For instance, when concerns about coursework deadlines arose, I promptly communicated these issues to our lecturers. This role taught me the importance of timely and effective communication, a skill that I'll carry with me into my future career. 

To stay informed and able to answer questions about the School of Computing and Digital Media (SCDM) and LMSU, I committed myself to reading extensively and attending various meetings and social events. These activities not only kept me updated but also allowed me to meet and interact with a diverse range of interesting individuals within the school premises. 

Being a student rep has also honed my ability to express views constructively during meetings. It's taught me that one's voice could be gentle yet powerful, effectively sparking change. Moreover, the experience has enhanced my social skills, making it easier for me to build robust relationships with my classmates and school staff. 

The training and support I received from LMSU have been phenomenal, providing me with the necessary tools to excel in this role. But, perhaps the most significant impact of this journey is the trust and camaraderie it has built among my classmates and me. Serving as their representative, their voice, has been an honor that has instilled a deep sense of fulfillment and pride in me. 




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