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November Volunteer Spotlight: Arjun Jayagopal

Every month, we highlight the great work of some of our student volunteers. This month, we spoke to Arjun who has shared her experience as a student volunteer and society leader at LMSU.

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Hi there 

Hello, my name is Arjun Jayagopal and I'm currently a second-year student pursuing a BA in Digital Media. About a year ago, I decided to become a Student Representative to help my classmates and improve my own confidence levels. This eventually led me to become a student council member at LMSU, which was even more beneficial as it allowed me to connect with university activities and fellow students. 

My role as a Student Representative helped me bridge the gap between students and lecturers, which improved my interactions with my coursemates. I received support from the Students' Union and guidelines from the student assistants on my responsibilities as a representative. The Student Union officers also helped me find solutions to any issues that arose. 

Being a student council member was a different role but with the same objective to help students and create a safer environment for them. We created policies to enhance student life in the university and I personally reached out to students to get their opinions on new policies and how we could improve them. Throughout the year, this experience improved my networking skills and introduced me to people who inspired me. 

Through my role, I have had the privilege of meeting and collaborating with numerous outstanding individuals from both within and outside the London Met community. My aim is to continue contributing to the betterment of our community while simultaneously expanding my personal and professional growth. 

Education is the key to unlocking your potential Embrace every opportunity, persevere through challenges, and remember that your journey as a student is a chapter in your lifelong story of success. Together, we can make every day at our university a stepping stone towards a brighter future. 


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