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October Volunteer Spotlight: Muhammad Aman

Every month, we highlight the great work of some of our student volunteers. This month, we spoke to Muhammad who has shared her experience as a student volunteer and society leader at LMSU.

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Image of Muhammad smiling alongside a caption that says Volunteer Spotlight October 2023 Muhammad Am

My name is Muhammad Aman, few of you might know me from my nickname Sultan. Im a second year Accounting and Finance student.I came to this country back in Febuary, 2022.

I was a Student Representative at the start and then became the Vice President for Islamic society. I am also the current president for Pakistan Society, having *founded* the society myself for all the other students in the Uni, the group has since grown to over 100 members. 

It originally started as a dream, having managed a similar society in pakistan, i used to ask anyone i could find if they were pakistani and invite them to the group. 

Many students were interested in the different events and cultural aspects of the group, while others just wanted a group where they felt at ease to talk freely where others understood their experiences. 

I am also a muslim myself, as such every friday for the friday prayers I wear my national clothes as a symbol of identity, being proud to be a Pakistani, this turned into promotion for the society as many students were interested and intrigued, which led to the creation of the PakSoc committee, and main group, with the help of many friends and staff who helped manage and support us. 

Our society has also helped to organise many events and has helped to collaborate with other societies for different events, last year, with the help of the arab society and gaming society, we created and hosted an iftar event during ramadan, organising food and guest speakers for the event.

We have also had many cricket and football matches  alongside Futsal for uni students within the uni as well as outside pitches.

We have also collaborated with many famous personalities, such as Fast bowlers shoaib akhtar and noman ejaz.

We have also organised other events such as boat parties, as shown on our instagram. @Londonmetpaksoc 

What started as a dream, turned into a committee of eight students, and one hundred students in the main group, with the aim to be the most known, and significant society in the UK.

I would encourage my fellow university students to participate actively in student organisations and student union positions because they will help them build their resumes when they enter the workforce because, to be honest, many employers these days are looking for more than just academic qualifications.

You can enhance both your professional and interpersonal abilities by joining the Student Union, participating in student government, running a student organisation, or serving on a committee. 

For anyhelp you need just DM me on my instagram 




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