SU Election Results

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Students' Union Election 2018 reaches a triumphant conclusion! 

After seven days of lively campaigning and busy polling stations the results are in! The recent growth of the Students' Union, with our new building at the Holloway Campus, was matched by a massive 50% increase in turnout by students on 2017 voter numbers. 1,579 students voted in the election which ran from 6th-13th March.

Mark Boansi was re-elected Full-time Officer for the Schools of Social Sciences & Professions, Jessica Hoarau was elected Full-time Officer for the CASS, and Diini Muse elected Full-time Officer for the Schools of Computing, Digital Media & Human Sciences. Nakole Iddirisu will becaome the new Full-time Officer for the Guildhall School of Business and Law. For all other results please click here. 

The results were announced by Florence Onwumere, Student's Union Deputy President who told Verve Media, "massive congratulations to all our amazing candidates, and a big thank you to all who voted in the election."