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Student leaders ready for the year ahead

Every year students elect four students to work full-time and represent them for a year. The 2020/21 officers have started their training and are looking forward to working with students this year.

The 2020-21 elected officers From left to right: Chrystalle, Cynthia, Matt, Precious

Every year students elect four students to work full-time and represent them for a year. The 2020/21 officers have started their training and are looking forward to working with students this year.

Chrystalle Margallo

I studied Diplomacy and International relations. I enjoyed my course and gained a lot of insight into politics and diplomacy. Last year, I was elected as the Full-time Officer for Social Science and Social Professions. 

The university helped me grow not just intellectually but also as a person. I am looking forward to studying my postgraduate and doctorate, one day, at LMU; but also offer my skills to the university in due time. 

At first I did not know what I was going to stand for during the elections, however it was an opportunity to help students and contribute to the change the union was and continues to make in student life. This was a mission I wanted to be a part of, and two years after, here I am, now the president.

My favourite thing about London Met is is talking to students. Getting to know the student body and understanding the issues helps me plan what my goals should be according to their needs. Hearing what excellent practices are being carried out within the institution also ensures this continues and spreads these good practices.


Cynthia Edo

I represent students as the Full Time Officer for the School of Social Sciences & Social Professions where I studied Youth Studies.

I want to change the relationship dynamics between students and the students' union. I feel students are not aware of what the union is there for which defeats the purpose of having a union.

I also want to influence the perception Black students have about higher education and work on the acknowledgment and award of their efforts and commitment as they are disproportionately coming short in their grades compared to their counterparts of other races.

My favourite uni memories are the events that were done while I was ACS president and building relationships.


Matthew JR A. Babb

I represent students as the Full Time Officer for the Guildhall School of Business and Law & Human Sciences.

I study Biochemistry and came to London Met as I wanted to change career interest from Accounting. London Met gave me an opportunity to do that and move to a new country. 

I stood for election because my peers encouraged me to and convinced me that I had enough experience to throw my hat in towards working in amplifying the student voice at our university. I had gotten really involved with university life and things around campus.

I truly believe that when students speak we should listen and decide how to act to improve the quality of life for everyone around campus.

My favorite activity as a student was my participation in the successful 2018 SU Poetry slam, one of my first pet projects. I was glad it turned out so well and it was only because of student involvement. Students signed up to sing and showcase their artistic capabilities as wordsmiths and it turned out to be a really powerful night. We had special guests that capped the event off perfectly. 


Precious Agho

I studied Media, Communication and Journalism. Prior to this I worked at my local secondary school as a cover teacher. I chose to attend London Met, because they had a diverse community (especially being a mature student) and I wanted to commute to a different borough rather than stay in Hertfordshire.

Studying here at London Met, has given me the chance to not only gain an advantage in the job market, but has also opened up a great opportunity for me to serve other students on campus.  Hence my nomination as a full time officer.

I stood as an officer because I wanted to represent my peers and London Met as a university within the community. I’m also passionate about the impact activities have on students' experience and building long lasting relationships.

My favourite thing about studying here is our ever growing community at LMU - from making new friends, to hanging in the SU, to courtroom visits for Journalism Law and academic trips abroad. 

Staff and students make LMU what it is and that's something I will never forget.