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Varsity 2020 Results

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Varsity 2020


The Students' Union would like to thank everyone who took part for all their hard work and effort that contributed to the running of this year's Varsity. We had excellent feedback from SOAS, who said that they thoroughly enjoyed the event and cannot wait until next year. The effort that everyone put in, however big, contributed to a successful and well perceived event. Lots of students gave feedback on the event in which all said they enjoyed themselves, the camaraderie and the atmosphere. 

Sadly, this year we lost varsity. However, student engagement, participation and enthusiasm definitely increased significantly compared to the past 2/3 years.




Men’s Futsal- SOAS Win
Women’s Futsal- DRAW
Mixed Volleyball- DRAW
Chess- SOAS Win
Pool- SOAS Win
Netball 2- SOAS Win
Women’s Basketball- LMU Win
Women’s Rugby- Postponed
Men’s Rugby- Postponed
Table Tennis- SOAS Win
University Challenge- SOAS Win
Mixed Badminton- SOAS Win
Men’s Football 2- SOAS Win
Women’s Football- SOAS Win
Men’s Football 1- SOAS Win
Women’s Netball 1- LMU Win
Captains Dodgeball- LMU Win
Men’s Basketball- LMU Win



Hopefully, next year we will win the shield and show SOAS what we are made of and the fantastic talent of our students. 

Watch the Varsity 2020 highlights video below:


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