Full-time Officers 2019/20


Full-time Officers 2019/20

Diini Muse - President 

Jessica Hoarau - FT Officer for Computing and Digital Media & the CASS 

Nakole Iddirisu - FT Officer for Guildhall School of Business and Law & Human Sciences 

Chrystalle Margallo - FT Officer for School of Social Sciences and Social Professions 


Our Full-time Officer team take up their official term of office for 2019/20 at the Students’ Union on the first of July. 

Diini, Jessica and Nakole return for a second year as re-elected Officers and Chrystalle joins us as the newly elected Officer for the School of Social Sciences and Social Professions.

The Officers will be getting straight to work, with lots of training and planning sessions scheduled over July so they are ready to support and represent our students for the year ahead.


“On behalf of the Students' Union I would like to thank Stephanie and Selina, our outgoing Part-time Officers, for all the amazing, hard work they have done with students from their respective Schools and for everything they have contributed to the SU this year.

I would like to welcome Chrystalle to our team and I'm super excited to be elected President and to lead the Students' Union forward to great things in 2019-20. 

I know Nakole, Jessica and Chrystalle will do a great job in representing their Schools. I think we have a nicely balanced team of FT Officers that have been elected and I am really looking forward to the year ahead!" Diini Muse, SU President.