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April Volunteer Spotlight: Lucy

Every month, we will be highlighting the great work of some of our volunteers. This month, we spoke to Lucy Li and her experience as a student volunteer at LMSU.

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Every month, we will be highlighting the great work of some of our volunteers.
This month, we spoke to Lucy Li and her experience as a student volunteer at LMSU.

My Name: Lucy (Luyao) Li [she/her/hers]

My Course: Biochemistry BSc (Hons)


Hi everyone, it’s such an honour to be nominated for the Student Union’s April Volunteer Spotlight. My name is Lucy and I currently hold London Met volunteer positions as both the Biochemistry Student Rep and Deputy Chair of the Student Council. As a second year student who has started her course since foundation year at the university, I feel a strong sense of belonging at the London Met and really embrace the diverse and friendly student body that I’ve come to know during my time here. This has prompted me to apply for the Student Rep and Deputy Chair of Student Council roles, as a way for me to give back and improve the university experience for current and future students. 

As a Student Rep, I really enjoyed voicing student feedback and concerns regarding the course curriculum on behalf of my classmates. During this process, I have learned to challenge the status quo, persevere with finding a resolution, and deal with confrontations. These are very valuable life lessons which taught me to keep fighting for what I believe in, despite the long process it may take to arrive at the end goal. For the first time in my life, I understood what constitutes activism. It is a similar goal with my role as the Deputy Chair of Student Council, except that I’m the one who’s facilitating and leading the council proceedings to ensure that student issues are dealt with in a  smooth and peaceful manner for all council members. This role has been a huge step for me in terms of learning what leadership truly is and how to execute it well while remaining calm under pressure. 

Outside of university, I also currently volunteer as a Covid-19 vaccination programme steward for Voluntary Action Islington and Royal Voluntary Service. Before the pandemic started, I used to volunteer at Food Cycle to provide support to people who were experiencing food poverty. However, many organisations had to halt their in-person operations when the pandemic started and Food Cycle was one of them. During the lockdown, I still wanted to do every bit to help and that’s why I started volunteering as a vaccine steward. Ensuring that the clinic is fully sanitized and guiding patients after their arrival to maintain a safe and efficient flow were very important responsibilities and dedicate my time on a weekly basis really brought me a sense of fulfilment. 

Next year, I hope to continue my role as a Student Rep and Deputy Chair of the Student Council to ensure that values of the Student Partnership Agreement are being met and reflected at the London Met. 



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