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Notice: This Student Group is looking for additional Group Leaders for next year! Being a Group Leader enables you to grow your social life at London Met, make a difference to your University experience and boost your employability skills. Each Group Leader is trained for their role in September before the new academic year, and receives Monday to Friday support from the Student Activities Coordinator. If you’re interested in taking up a vacant role, please get in touch with the Society committee. 

The International-EU Student Society!

This is the first society at LondonMet dedicated only to International/EU students. We are all here to help you get to know London, familiarise yourself with life at LondonMet and also, share your experience. 

If you feel alone and not confident enough, just smash that button, join the family and I guarantee that your whole experience will change. From studying support to entertaining activities, our society will help you to make new friends and create a wider network, by benefiting from several backgrounds.

It is the time to open that new door which leads towards success, and it is called THE INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SOCIETY.

Join the Family!! It is never too late!!


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