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Notice: This Student Group is looking for additional Group Leaders for next year! Being a Group Leader enables you to grow your social life at London Met, make a difference to your University experience and boost your employability skills. Each Group Leader is trained for their role in September before the new academic year, and receives Monday to Friday support from the Student Activities Coordinator. If you’re interested in taking up a vacant role, please get in touch with the Society committee. 

What does your student group do?

Our aim is to develop, support and inspire strong Christian faith in young people.


Why should I join your student group?

First love is full of young, kind and passionate people, and we believe in loving God and loving others. We have branches all over the UK at nearly every university. It is a great chance to hear a word from God and establish great friendships.

We organise many events such as: concerts, dance events, movie productions and movie nights to encourage students to come together, meet new people, build great relationships and develop in the faith.


Where do you meet and on what days?

We are currently meeting on Thursdays at 7 pm on zoom!

Location: Online Via Zoom 

Meeting ID: 607 766 7804


*Check out the 'Events' tab for our upcoming event on the 9th of October 2020!*


Join our WhatsApp Groupchat to meet us and for info on all our events and meetings:


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