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Notice: This Student Group is looking for additional Group Leaders for next year! Being a Group Leader enables you to grow your social life at London Met, make a difference to your University experience and boost your employability skills. Each Group Leader is trained for their role in September before the new academic year, and receives Monday to Friday support from the Student Activities Coordinator. If you’re interested in taking up a vacant role, please get in touch with the Society committee. 

Welcome to the Gamers' society!


If you love games, this is your place. Our main goal  is to make a friendly environment for gamers. If you are bored of playing alone, you can find friends here. If you love a particular game, but nobody plays it in the society, don't be shy to share your ideas, we are always open for new things.


We offer:

  • League of Legends practice on Wednesdays at 6 pm for future ranked games and tournaments.
  • Various gaming sessions on Fridays at 6 pm (the games change every week).
  • Watching anime together (the day of the week is not confirmed yet).
  • Among Us tournament in the ending of April - beginning of May.


Future goals:

  • Build a game and publish it for the public;
  • Webinars;
  • Trips (when it is safe to do so).


For more details don't hesitate to email us and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.


No elections are currently running