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Welcome Delegates to the Model UN Society!




Model United Nations is an academic simulation in which participants step into the shoes of world leaders to debate and resolve global issues. By discussing current topics and representing their adopted country’s position, delegates will often be arguing from an unfamiliar perspective, developing knowledge, understanding and empathy.

By equipping participants with mediation, analytical and leadership skills, while highlighting the interdependence of the modern world, we hope to foster future diplomats who will face global challenges with a spirit of compassionate cooperation.


London Metropolitan University is one of just 22 universities in the world to join the UN network.


London Metropolitan University, has completed a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations Language Careers network, which supports the training of interpreters and translators around the globe.

The University is one of just 22 institutions in the world that are members of the UN network, which provides languages students with learning opportunities and training with UN officials and experts.

London Met students will be taught by UN translators and interpreters who visit the University from Geneva, Vienna and New York; have access to UN placements and internships; and take part in visits to UN offices. They also have training from UN conference organisers to run mock conferences as part of your course.


What you will gain from Model UN:


Learn about the United Nations and the intricaties of international relations

Sharpen essential academic skills such as critical thinking, research, interpersonal strategy, creative writing and public speaking.

Get a first hand experience of what a future career in diplomacy could look like

Make friends internationally through in-person and online conferences

Gain global awareness in a fun and dynamic way


What to expect:

  • Fortnightly simulations of different UN committees including among others, the Security Council or the General Assembly, enabling you to gain a unique insight into how the UN works
  • Monthly debates in collaboration with Amnesty International
  • External conferences and socials


No previous MUN experience is required, all courses welcome.




If you have successfully signed up you will receive an email invitations soon. Our Whatsapp group is also now open, you will receive a link to join in your London Met inbox. The website may be experiencing some difficulty during the enrolment period. if you would like to join but are unable to, please try again in a couple of days once enrolment is completed or email your Student ID directly. 


Contact us:

Email:     /      Instagram: londonmetmun


We are looking forward to seeing you soon in our meetings!


Respectfully yours,

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