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Notice: This Student Group is looking for additional Group Leaders for next year! Being a Group Leader enables you to grow your social life at London Met, make a difference to your University experience and boost your employability skills. Each Group Leader is trained for their role in September before the new academic year, and receives Monday to Friday support from the Student Activities Coordinator. If you’re interested in taking up a vacant role, please get in touch with the Society committee. 

The Film Society aims to give students the chance to watch and discuss movies together in a friendly and welcoming environment at London Metropolitan University. With the offer of weekly film screenings, discussion, events, and seminars; the society gives students the opportunity to approach all aspects of film and filmmaking. With a drink and a nice chat after each screening or event, the society gives the possibility to relax from tight study schedules.

The Film Society also gives students a chance to interact with people from other backgrounds and we encourage our members to put forward their favourite movies. Whether its a romantic comedy or a action and adventure trilogy, we are always open to suggestions.

 So what are you waiting for? Come and join our society today and come to the next free showing!!

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