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Notice: This Student Group is looking for additional Group Leaders for next year! Being a Group Leader enables you to grow your social life at London Met, make a difference to your University experience and boost your employability skills. Each Group Leader is trained for their role in September before the new academic year, and receives Monday to Friday support from the Student Activities Coordinator. If you’re interested in taking up a vacant role, please get in touch with the Society committee. 


The journals are for any students at London Met who want to engage in thought provoking activities to gain clarity around personal goals, employability skills and personal success.

Activities include: Self-Managment, Overcoming Challenges and Employability Skills.


Community Development Society. Together Helping Reach Individual Victories Everyday (T.H.R.I.V.E)

As a society we are passionate about social justice and change for those who sometimes feel disadvantaged, whether it be because of their upbringing, background or social status. We believe identifying and overcoming barriers can lead to lasting transformation.    

8.8% of students fall out of University every year, primarily from those from low socio-economic backgrounds. The Community Development Society aims to support student voices through various campaigns, conversations and events. Discussions around culture confidence is one that we aim to explore in the coming months. 

The society also is going to start a campaign for 2nd and 3rd year students to donate well kept textbooks to first year students. 

The overall objective of the Society is to provide support to students to remain committed to their studies and overcome barriers and personal challenges.

Stay tuned for up coming events!  


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