Social Sciences and Social Professions

Mark Boansi (President)

Hello, I am Mark Boansi your President and officer for the schools of Social Science & Social Professions! A degree in Social Policy & Sociology has armed me with the skills needed to create, as well as to analyse policies. I will be working hard with students to get the most out of these skills. I hope to put together a student advisory board to give students a voice that enables change.

I believe in supporting students for a life-changing experience. I support the 3 S’s; Sustainability, Sports and Societies. 

In my time as Vice President of the ‘Sociology & Community Development’ society as well as the ‘Ditch the Label’ society. I learnt to plan, manage and execute events, activities; helped to find work placements and workshops for members of our societies.

In addition, I’ve helped raised money and awareness for the societies. In fact, our society was named new society of the year at the SU Awards Night, and I hope to emulate this success with the Student Union. I look forward to working with you to achieve Equality, Opportunity, Democracy and Community.


Feel Free to contact me or to pop round during my office hours if you have any queries.


Twitter: @MarkMetSU

Phone: 0207 133 4171


Mark Boansi