24-hour opening for University Library!

Students raised the need, your Student Officers listened and then lobbied the University to make it happen!

The Students' Union is happy to announce that after campaigning for 24-hour access to library facilities, this has now been approved! The University have agreed to implement 24-hour Library opening times during busy study and exam periods.

Following a campaign led by Diini Muse (Students’ Union President) involving discussions with members of the University’s Senior Leadership and Library Services Teams, highlighting the importance and value of  24-hour library access, the University has now agreed to implement 24-hour opening for the Library on the Holloway campus. 

Diini, spoke to Verve Radio about the new hours: “This is a win for students! You wanted a 24-hour library and we pushed for it. With the support of the University, we are very pleased and excited to see a project we've been working on go through. Our students highlighted again and again that they would like to see longer opening hours at the library. We know our students have busy lives, outside commitments, jobs and families. We managed to convince the university to open the library for 24-hours during the exam periods to support our students. If this pilot is successful our next step is to campaign for 24-hour library opening hours throughout the academic year. We would encourage all students to make use of the 24-hour library if they want to see this happen. Thank you to Professor Lynn Dobbs and The SLT for listening to the needs of the students and approving this project.” Diini Muse, SU President.

So...let the late night (or early bird) studying commence! You can take advantage of the increased hours at the Holloway Campus  Library during the advertised times, which commence from 6th January 2020.