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It's a referendum!

What would you ask London Met students?

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What is a referendum?
A referendum is when all the people of a country or a member-led organisation such as a Students' Union, are given the opportunity to vote on a specific question. It is a bit like a slimmed down election. No candidates or parties - just a question usually with a 'yes' or 'no' answer. They happen nationally now and then. Perhaps you remember:
'Should the UK leave the European Union?'
'Should Scotland be an independent Nation?'

They often happen on highly important issues, deemed to be of such gravity that they should be put directly for the people to decide, rather than be decided by elected representatives such as Members of Parliament.

Within Students' Unions they can be asked on a wide range of issues.
Here are a few recent referendums taking place in the Students' Union movement:

1. Should the Students’ Union initiate a no beef and lamb on-campus initiative and lobby the university to do so as well, to fight against the climate crisis? (University of Sussex Students' Union 2021)

2. Should the University reject the IHRA definition of antisemitism? (City University Students' Union 2021)

3. Do you have confidence in Lancaster University’s Vice-Chancellor and his Executive Team? (Lancaster University Students' Union 2021)

What would you ask London Met students?
We are keen to hear your ideas of what you would like to ask London Met Student. Have a think about the issues that matter to you, you fellow London Met students, student on your course, in your neighborhood, community and social circles?

Email your ideas to Eddie Rowley, Student Voice Coordinator ( and Yasmeen Bashir, the Students' Union President ( by Wednesday 27th October 2021.

Head to our webpage to find out more:


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