Staff-Student Sexual Misconduct Survey

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NUS Women’s Campaign is launching research into staff-student sexual misconduct in higher education.

By sharing your experiences, you can help the campaigners better understand the problem and do something about it. The survey asks if students have experienced or witnessed sexual misconduct from staff, and their experience of reporting these types of behaviours to their institution. It also asks about the types of behaviour students are comfortable with from staff, a topic that will be explored in more depth in our student focus groups (see dates below).

Your contributions are crucial for this vital piece of work. The survey is for all current students (of any gender), as well as ex-students, who have experienced sexual misconduct, and will be open until 15 December.

The survey is a collaboration between NUS Women’s Campaign and The 1752 Group, a research and lobbying organisation. Their research seeks to investigate the scale of the problem in the UK and inform policy in the higher education sector.

This work wouldn’t be possible without your support - please fill in the survey before 15th December It should take between ten and twenty minutes to complete, and all results will be anonymised.

NUS Women are also looking for participants for focus groups, which will specifically be about professional boundaries between staff and students. These will be on 28th November, as well as daily between Mon 4th and Fri 8th December. If you can make any of these dates, please email and you will be sent more details. Again, your contribution will remain anonymous.

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