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Todays students are being driven towards revolution as the only means of defending Free State Education and reinstatement of student grants. The programme of privatisation started by Labour and has been turned into a full scale attack on Free State Education by the Tories.We have seen mass casualties of the teaching staff across all institutes with ever-rising tuition fees and the scrapping of maintenance grants.

Capitalism is unable to provide education for the majority of young people and it's system which is driven to ever more privatisation and turning education into a business must be smashed. Education must NOT just be a factory which mass produces unemployed graduates. While in education students are pummelled with vast amounts of debt from tuition fees, accommodation and general upkeep costs. All this just to graduate and become unemployed. Capitalism can no longer take society forward.The fight against capitalism is not just in Britain. Students all over the world are taking action in Greece, Spain, Italy, New Zealand and the USA. Students are demonstrating that they will not pay for bankrupt capitalism.

Students all across the world are fighting the same enemy- imperialism. Attacks on international students must be defeated. Everyone should have freedom of movement regardless of race or country of origin.
The YSSS must be built as to become the revolutionary leadership of all students. The crisis of capitalism is terminal and no reforms or reformist parties can save it. Students must restore Free State Education mobilising students and workers alike against government policy, to bring down the Tories and go forward to a workers government.