FLSC Officer (President)

Florence Onwumere

Hey there! I'm Florence, your new Students' Union President and FLSC Sabbatical Officer!

Having recently completed my degree in Pharmacology, I have learnt a few fundamental aspects along my student journey which include consistency, teamwork, independence, accountability and leadership. These skills which I have developed along the way will aid me as a leader/voice of the Students' Union.

I am excited to be starting my role as president, enriching the student journey and placing the Students' Union at the heart of London Met!

Some of the vital responsibilities that I'll be undertaking will include Chairing the Executive Board of Trustees, being the students' democratic representative at the University Board of Governors.

Some of my priorities for the year include improving employability, accessibility for our students and closing the BME attainment gap.

If your have any queries, feel free to pop round during my office hours or contact me:

Email: florence.onwumere@londonmet.ac.uk

Twitter: @FlorenceMetSU

Jason Jackson