GFBL Officer

Tunde Toki

Hello!  I am Tunde Toki your Guildhall Business and Law (GFBL) Officer. I currently just finished my first year of studying Business Management. I love our University and I want to bring change to the University environment by representing the students of Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law and also the Student Body in general. 

Being a StAR (Student Academic Representative), Student Council member and a Student Representative on the Academic Board of the University has helped me acquire enough experience, passion and vision to drive my Faculty and Union forward.

It has been my passion to contribute to the welfare of students in our University especially my Faculty of Business and Law; I wish to take my contributions to the next level. I plan to make the Students’ Union more student-centric, open and closer to every student irrespective of race, gender, religion and/or beliefs. I plan to make the Union a hub of ideas where students will be free to contribute their opinions with regards to what happens inside and outside of the Student’ Union.

I shall work hard with the University to provide more guidance/assistance to vulnerable students experiencing personal, professional and/or academic difficulties. I shall promote the registration of more societies and support their activities to promote active participation by all students involved. I believe that every student of this University has something they can do better; my job will be to encourage all groups and individuals and be able to harness their capabilities while in school.

Finally I want to address the issues affecting students directly at the University, such as campaigning for better library and computing facilities in the University and taking measures to improve facilities and services in the Students’ Union. I would like to call on all my fellow faculty mates and the student body to join me and support me in this endeavour to make the student experience at London Metropolitan University a memorable one, so people “LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN”

Please contact me should you have any concerns with regards to the University via: email:  Twitter: @TundeMetSU  Phone : 0207 133 4171.